• Collect tenant(s) lease application(s) & credit scores for each adult on the contract.
  • Verify employment, contact current landlord (if applicable) and contact references for each applicant.
  • Forward information to landlord for decision on which tenant to go with.
  • Forward to agent to write the lease agreement for chosen tenant.
  • Ensure all documents are received and complete.
  • Ensure rent proration, security and other deposits and move in balance due is correct.
  • Create client’s electronic folder including all information pertaining to the transaction.
  • Upload contract to Broker within deadlines.
  • Send a copy of the fully executed contract to all parties.
  • Change status in MLS to under contract.
  • Obtain W9 from cooperating agent, if applicable.
  • Ensure landlord receives earnest deposit check and is aware of how commission is paid.
  • Calculate commission(s), prepare commission disbursement information and upload to MyRog.
  • Advise tenants and agent of funds needed to close.
  • Obtain property information such as security gate codes, post office box number, etc. and deliver to tenant at closing.
  • Advise landlord and tenant regarding HOA transfers.
  • Coordinate key transfers.
  • Provide utility contact information to tenants and landlords.  Remind landlords to turn off their utilities and tenants to turn them on.
  • Order sign down and lockbox removed.
  • Update MLS status to closed.
  • Send thank you note to client.

$150 Representing One Side  Paid At Closing

$200 Representing Both Sides  Paid At Closing

**1st Contract Cancellation without a successful close – No Charge, 2nd Contract Cancellation without a successful close – $50 Cancellation Charge Per Service Due at Contract Cancellation.  Cancellation charges will be waived if we have consistent volume business (2+ successful closings per month)

rental coordination

Transaction Coordinator / Virtual Assistant

Realty ONE Group