Transaction Coordinator / Virtual Assistant

Realty ONE Group


transaction management contract to close

  • Buyers & Sellers Regular, Short Sale & REOs
  • Upload paperwork to Broker within deadlines for sellers, follow up with the seller for the SPDS & CLUE.
  • Assist in solving the ???? that inevitably come up in every transaction.
  • Receive fully executed purchase contract from agent.  Ensure it is complete and if it is missing an item, follow up to ensure        complete.
  • Create client’s electronic folder including all information pertaining to the transaction.
  • Introduce myself to the client and send a copy of the fully executed contract.
  • Introduce myself to the title agent and act as primary contact through the transaction. Open escrow and send a copy of fully      executed contract for buyers.  Ensure earnest deposit receipt is received for all.
  • Introduce myself to the lender and act as primary contact through the transaction.  Send a copy of the fully executed                  contract for buyers.  Follow up on loan progress throughout transaction.
  • Introduce myself to cooperating agent.
  • Change listing status to under contract in MLS for sellers.
  • Follow up weekly with cooperating agent, title and lender for any updates.
  • Update agent and client weekly or more frequently as needed.
  • Schedule home and termite inspection(s) for buyers.  Notify sellers of date and time of scheduled home inspections(s).
  • Collect and review prelim title report.
  • Collect and deliver SPDS, CLUE, preliminary title report to buyers & follow up to ensure CC&Rs have been received.
  • Receive and deliver inspection report from home inspector.
  • Prepare BINSR as directed and deliver to all parties for signatures within deadlines.​
  • Collect and deliver receipts for repairs.
  • Collect information regarding any solar units on the property and deliver to buyer.  Follow up to ensure lease transfer has           been approved and lender is aware of the conditions.
  • Confirm that appraisal is ordered by lender and follow up for results.
  • Prepare any needed addendums to the contract.  Obtain necessary signatures and send to all parties.
  • Order home warranty.
  • Ensure buyer obtains homeowner’s insurance and lender has the needed information.
  • Assist title in scheduling signing appointments with both parties.  Ensure both parties are scheduled.
  • Advise all parties of deadlines to meet TRID guidelines and close on time.
  • Schedule final walk through.
  • Review preliminary Combined Settlement Statement for contract inconsistencies.​
  • Obtain property information such as security gate codes, post office box number, etc. and deliver to buyer at closing.
  • Coordinate key transfers.
  • Provide utility contact information to buyers and sellers.  Remind sellers to turn off their utilities and buyers to turn them on.
  • Remind sellers to cancel their homeowner’s insurance and request a refund.
  • Prepare final commission disbursement instructions, have broker sign them and return them to the title company.
  • Upload all closing documents to broker.
  • Order sign down and lockbox removed.
  • Update MLS status to closed.
  • Send thank you note to client.

$375 Representing One Side  Paid At Closing

$500 Representing Both Sides  Paid At Closing

**1st Contract Cancellation without a successful sale – No Charge, 2nd Contract Cancellation without a successful sale – $75 Cancellation Charge Per Service Due at Contract Cancellation.  Cancellation charges will be waived if we have consistent volume business (2+ successful closings per month)